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Dishwashers repair

Common Dishwasher Problems that we can fix include:-

-Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain
-Dishwasher Leaks
-Dishwasher Doesn’t Fill
-Dishwasher Doesn’t Heat Water
-Dishwasher Doesn’t Stop Filling
-Dishwasher Doesn’t clean well.

Ovens repair

Common Electric Oven Problems that we can fix include:-

-Oven does not heat up
-Oven fan works but no heat
-Oven fan noisy
-Oven overheats and burns everything
-Oven keeps cutting out
-Oven does not work but grill does
-Faulty fan motor

Washing machines repair

Common Washing Machine Problems that we can fix include:-

-Washer not filling water
-Washer is leaking
-Washer will not start
-Clothes are not cleaning properly
-Drum is not spinning
-Machine overfills and floods
-Stuck on wash cycle
-Washer doesn’t fill with water
-Washer/Dryer doesn’t dry

Dryers repair

Common Tumble Dryer Problems that we can fix include:-

-No functions
-Timer turns, but no drum rotation
-Clothes not drying, but drum and timer both turn
-Clothes slow to dry
-Clothes overheat or burn
-Clothes tangled or creased
-Bad odours from the machine
-Very noisy operation
-Dryer runs with door open

Electric Hobs repair

Common Electric Hob Problems that we can fix include:-

-Hob trips the electricity
-Cooking plate not heating up
-Hob won’t turn off
-Temperature won’t turn down
-Hob won’t turn on
-Control knob not working
-Hob warning light won’t go off
-Some of the plates don’t work

Fridge & Freezer repair

Common Fridge Freezer Problems that we can fix include:-

-Won’t maintain the desired temperature
-Freezer working fine but fridge not cooling
-Fridge Freezer and lights not working
-Fridge leaking
-Fridge not cooling properly
-Fridge Very Noisy
-Fridge Freezer Trips Electric
-Freezer Overflowing with Ice

Extractors/Cooker Hood repair

-The Cooker Hood Fan and Light Are Not Working
-Lights working but not extracting
-The Cooker Hood Motor Produces a Distinct Humming Noise
-The Cooker Hood Lights Do Not Work
-The Cooker Hood Motor is excessively loud
-The Cooker Hood Keypad Is Unresponsive

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